Hi! I'm Rose Athena. I'm 27 years old and I currently live in Vancouver. My photography career has taken me all over. My first photo show was in Rome at an elegant art gallery on Via Margutta. After living in Rome for a time at 16 years old, I fell in love with Italy and the vibrancy of Italian culture. I now speak fairly fluent Italian. I completed a photography degree at Concordia University in Montreal in 2012, where I also interned at Vice Magazine, contributing writing and photography. When I found myself at San Francisco State University for a year I interned at Juxtapoz Magazine, where I fortuitously interviewed legendary photographers like Tim Barber, Angela Boatwright, and Carlotta Manaigo. 

Shortly after University I began collaborating with an infinitely cool team in Los Angeles - Erik Ian and Dimitri Newman. They showed me the ropes of photo assisting, Dimitri being a product photography and technical lighting genius, and Erik a lifestyle powerhouse, whose visual talent and irrepressible energy inspires me daily. Check out their work! I was a team member on their editorial, catalogue, product, and e-commerce shoots for Goop, Vibe, London Times, LA Magazine, Mother Denim, and Beyond Yoga. 

I've also interned at MILK studios in New York, assisted travel photographer Laura Austin on lookbooks for Vans, fellow Albertan Shaun Robinson on an extensive campaign for Mark's, New York Times and Beyoncé tour photographer Andrew White, and shot behind-the-scenes for LA celebrity photographer Robert Trachtenberg. 

My own work has been published in Dazed and Confused, DeFuze, The Knot, LowCard, Dice, ION, Snap, Living Proof, KYUR8, and Blood of the Young. I have produced shoots for Agent Provocateur, Jaguar, Roxy, Stance, Sophia Models International, John Casablancas Vancouver, and Established Models London. I have worked as a staff photographer at Artona Studios, and as a 2nd Camera Assistant in the Vancouver film industry. 

Hit me up! I love to hear from fellow creators. Thanks for visiting my site.